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Have access to deep data and propose quality guaranteed offers to advertisers

Vuble Publisher Platform

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Get exclusive insights to help get the most out of your ad data.

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Let machine learning optimize every impression to receive the most of it.

Advanced tools for publishers


Within your inventory, not all impressions have the same quality of exposure and so the same weight on a user’s conversion path. Vuble Analyzer allows understanding and displaying precisely the different levels of quality you are able to deliver. This analysis happens at a user level

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Based on results from Vuble Analyzer, Vuble Optimizer allows publishers to create specific offers with strong guarantees of quality for advertisers.  Guaranteed deliveries such as ‘on-demand quality TV experience’ or ‘Youtube Like experience’ can be proposed. With its real-time decision engine, Vuble Optimizer filters every impression to select only the ones matching the quality requested. Without the need to change anything in the ad stack, publishers can increase their cpm and revenues.

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Every format, every screen

Vuble technology is contained in a tag and works across every screen.

Publishers win with Vuble

Increase in eCPM

Increase in monthly revenue from video ads

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