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Analysis and engagement optimization in full transparency with a simple tag

Detect the best conversion path and let Vuble’s AI filter against it

Analyze the qualitative KPIs

The influence of ad exposure

Counting ad occurrences is not enough to understand the weight of each touchpoint on the user conversion path. There is no consistency between two digital impressions as the same user does not give the same attention to every touchpoint.

The quality of exposure is the unique proxy of quality that helps you understand the weight of each touchpoint. It becomes essential to optimize tactics and budget allocation.

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Define performance goals

From awareness to conversion goals

The correlation between digital advertising and sales is not always easily identifiable. There are some micro-conversions/engagement metrics that help advertisers to know if a campaign performs as expected.

Vuble allows advertisers define the engagement metrics they want to measure on. Once defined, Vuble displays the average user’s conversion path, this includes the quality of exposure of each touchpoint


Average brands KPI lift

Average ROI

Pre-filter and compare

Real-time decision engine

Vuble Optimizer filters every impression based on optimized user conversion path or simply by establishing the minimum quality KPIs that must be achieved. All this is done before the impression is bought.

Vuble Optimizer operates in full transparency by giving access to a real-time A/B comparison chart (comparing results by default vs optimized) to track effectiveness.

Vuble solution is contained in a tag and does not require any change in the advertising stack.


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Case study

The issue

A mobile operator proposed mobile phone plans without subscribing to an annual contract.

Image result for mobile subscription As the process is done online, their goal was to increase the number of people subscribing and at the same time optimize the conversion path.

Vuble proposal

The first step was the use of Vuble Analyzer to analyze the outcomes the brand was getting by default from its existing supply sources.

The second step was the use of Vuble Optimizer to filter and deliver only the impressions that were optimizing the performance goals and compare the results between default and optimized.

Key results

Within 7 days after the first visit and among people who landed on the page, Vuble Optimizer generated x2.7 more subscribers than by default and optimized frequency by more than 32%

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Vuble technology is contained in a single tag and does not require a complicated set-up

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