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How do you work with Vuble?

By Louis Halfen on July 2, 2018

What Vuble can do for you?

Vuble filters the entire Online Video (OLV) landscape to find and deliver ad impressions that match a brand’s expected level of engagement and quality.

Why does engagement matter?

Since web pages are often over cluttered with visual content (thumbnails, banners, other videos, offers, ads, etc.), it’s difficult to gain real user attention. Brands responded asking for viewability and completion.

However, publishers countered by implementing many gimmicks to delivery 100% viewability and completion. Most of these dubious tactics are shown here: . We have effectively turned viewability and completion into artificial or fake KPIs.

Vuble offers a solution allowing advertisers to take back control.


Step 1: Define the level of engagement you want to get from your targeted users

Defining engagement means selecting the type of user behavior and the environment of the web page as the minimum performance criteria for video ad campaign.

Vuble has determined there are seven key metrics that define a user’s engagement with a video ad; we call them the Engagement Criteria

  • Minimum completion (option: 75%/100%)
  • Minimum Viewability (option: 50%/75%/100%)
  • Maximum ad and picture cluttered while the ad is in view (option: 5%/10%/20%)
  • Maximum scroll speed while the ad is in view (option: 5 px per sec/ 10 px per sec/ 20 px per sec)
  • Minimum Player size during the full video duration (option: 300 px/ 320px/ 450px/540px/650px)
  • Player position in the page (option: centered/ any)
  • Contextual and keyword targeting  

You can define custom levels of engagement or choose from three pre-set packages:
1) TrueView-like, 2) High Impact; or 3) Minimum Engagement

Simply select “New Campaign” in the Vuble interface and a setup wizard will go through these 5 steps.

Step 2: How do you want your video ad to be delivered?

Vuble offers two modes to run a campaign:

  • Performance optimized (CPM basis)
  • Performance Guaranteed (CPV) – you only pay for the impressions matching your criteria

Step 3:   Indicate your max price

Depending on the levels of the criteria and the performance chosen, Vuble will calculate a price range. The higher the performance goals and the narrower the site list the more expensive the campaign will be.

Step 4: Set up a deal-id with your DSP or using Vuble’s stack

In the case of a Performance optimized campaign (CPM), Vuble can set up a deal-id with the DSP of your choice. Vuble is connected to DBM, Dataxu, TheTradedesk, Mediamath, and many others.

In the case of a Performance guaranteed campaign (CPV), Vuble’s buying interface is required (traditional DSPs can’t manage the CPV campaigns model). Vuble is connected to the main DMPs and accept any verification tool such as Moat, IAS, DV, or Nielsen DAR.

Step 5: Compare and assess your existing video BUYS

Vuble offers the possibility to run an engagement analysis with any PMPs you may already have in place.

It is easy to setup by embedding our tag into the campaign creative (wrapper). We can then collect and analyze video performance data across all your buying channels.

This type of engagement study is very interesting to know how your each placement performs in terms of level of engagement at the CPM you pay.

Step 6: Advanced dashboard

Every client has personal access to a dashboard with real-time KPIs. The dashboard provides a quick snapshot of campaign engagement quality thanks to easy pictograms and a TV comparison tool.

Step 7: Self-service or managed service

Whatever the purchase mode is CPM or CPV, our technology can be run as self-service or managed service. Contact us to see a demo of the platform U.I. and the rich reporting options. Whatever the purchase mode is (CPM or CPV), our technology is self-service or managed service.


Please give us a call, tell us what you want to reach, let us fill the info for you (managed service) or let us give your access to

You are 5 min away to start and change drastically the vision of your OLV campaigns.

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