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Discover the quality of exposure your ad content receives

We collect and analyze behavioral and environmental data to define the level of quality advertisers get for their ad content

Apply Machine Learning to your Media Trading

Acting as a pre-bid software, Vuble filters every impression to keep only the ones with the minimum level of quality that optimizes the conversion path

Optimize the user’s path to conversion

We show HOW and WHY an ad impression generates a certain impact on the brand’s performance. And we optimize it

Advanced software

Vuble Analyzer

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Based on reinforcement learning algorithms, Vuble Analyzer collects billions of data points to analyze users' behavior and context while ads are delivered.

Vuble Optimizer

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Vuble Optimizer is a pre-bid software that optimizes the campaigns’ performance by pre filtering every ad opportunity in real-time

Best performance

Performance forecast accuracy

Average revenues lift for publishers

Average ROI lift for advertisers

Leading advertisers and publishers trust Vuble Software

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